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1SW 4x2 Switched Pot Dimmer 1000W

Ranges: 500W, 600W, 800W, 1000W, 1500W

Installing the Dimmer:

Ensure that the power is off, remove the existing light switch, taking note of the existing connections.

Connect the live wire directly to the red wire of the dimmer module, do not connect via a switch, as the dimmer has a built in switch. Connect the load to the yellow wire of the dimmer module.

Light dimmers as with all electrical appliances should be installed by suitably qualified personnel.

Ensure you have the correct dimmer before installation.
Calculate the load, by adding up the wattage of all the lights to be dimmed.

If the lights are of the low voltage type, do not exceed the inductive rating of the dimmer, this is the lowest rating of the dimmer, usually about 25% less than the resistive rating.

The total load must mot be greater than the rating of the dimmer.
Also ensure that the total load is at least 10% of the rating of the dimmer.

For best operation, and longest life the load on the dimmer should be between 30% and 70% of the rated load.

1 Switched Pot Rotary Dimmer (RED) 4x2

Trouble Shooting

The dimmer gets hot or has a burning smell.
The dimmer is overloaded, turn off and recalculate the load.

The lights flicker
The dimmer is under loaded.
Replace 40watt bulbs with 60watt or
There are electronic transers that are not suitable for dimming.
Electronic transers must be marked "suitable for dimming".
Use a voltage stabiliser with electronic transers that are noisy or unstable (flicker).

R & D Light Dimmers have been tested for compliance with the S.A.B.S regulations regarding the electro-magnetic interference levels.

Never connect the dimmer to any earth (green) or neutral (black) wires.
When used on "low voltage" lights connect the dimmer in series with the live wire on the 230V side of the transer and NOT the 12V side.