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Lighting Layout Estimator

Estimate number of fixtures needed to light an indoor area to a specified light level (meter-candle level). SEE INSTRUCTIONS AT BOTTOM.
Area to be lit
(sq, mt.)
Fixture Watts
No. of lamps
per fixture
Rated Mean Lumens per lamp
Ballast Factor (BF)
Burning hours
per year
Electricity rate
(R per kWh)
Coefficient of Utilization (CU)
Estimated no.
of fixtures
Estimated no. of lamps
Estimated fixture spacing

Total kW load
Energy cost per year
Watts per square foot

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the correct numbers in the gray cells and press "Calculate". For an explanation of the terms "Ballast Factor" and "Coefficient of Utilization," please click on the labels. Note that this estimator does include the effects of ballast factor and lumen depreciation but does not include Light Loss Factors (LLF) from ambient temperature, voltage, dust, tarnishing etc..

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