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Dimming System Watts Estimator
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Obtain an overall equivalent wattage and calculate energy reduction obtained when using a dimming system.

Fixture Watts at Full Power
Number of Fixtures
Percent of
Full Power
Percent of Time
at this Setting
Full Power
100 %
Dimming Setting 1
(Optional) Dimming Setting 2
At Full Power
With Dimming
Effective Fixture Watts
Relative Power Consumption
100 %
Total Power Load (kW)
Power Reduction with Dimming System (kW)

INSTRUCTIONS: The estimator assumes that the system can be operated at three settings: Full Power, Dimmming Setting 1 (for example, 70% power) and Dimming Setting 2 (say, 50% power). Enter the fraction of time the system is being operated at each setting, e.g. 20% of the time at full power, 50% of the time at 70% power, and 30% of the time at the 50% power setting. Then press "Calculate".